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My New and Improved Site!

Hey everyone!

Please check out my blog at www.laughingduckbutt.comI have transferred most of my content from here to Laughing Duckbutt! If you are a community member please don’t forget to join my new blog!! See ya there!

New and Improved!

Hey everyone please check out my blog at www.laughingduckbutt.comI have transferred most of my content from here to Laughing Duckbutt! If you are a community member please don’t forget to join my new blog!! See ya there!

365 R.I.P!

So I found out from wordpress that I can no longer have my auction here. What a bummer! So now I have to change my blog around a bit. Don’t worry I will still post as usual and ain’t going anywhere. I hope you continue to visit my blog!!

Get a Free Drink or Make Some Money!

This is a cool proposition bet that you can do at a bar or a party! I have done it many times and saved lots of money on free drinks! I promise it fools everyone! Hope you enjoy it and get a lot of free drinks! =)

The Coolest Tattoo!

One of my good friends recently got the coolest tattoo. She is one bold babe and I think it’s very creative. What do u think?

Discrimination at the pedicure shop!

A lady is suing a pedicure shop for not allowing her to get a pedicure at their shop. She said that if anyone really needed a pedicure it was her. She is suing for an undisclosed amount. She stated that she was hurt by their refusal to give her a pedicure and was very embarrassed. Would you have turned her away if you owned a pedicure shop?


10 Free Pick Up Lines

I know many of you have gone out and have used a pick up line before or if your a lady had a guy try one on you. Today I thought I would give you some free pick-up lines at no charge! Next time you go out to the clubs or to your local bar you will be fully prepared to bust a move on the ladies. CAUTION:  Don’t blame me if you try and use these PICK UP lines and you get rejected or if she just laughs at you and holds up a L sign on her forehead!! 

1) I may not be Fred Flintstone but I can sure make your bed rock!

2) Do you believe in love at first site, or should I walk past you again?

3) Excuse me, but I’m new in town, can I have directions to your place?

4) Can I buy you a drink – or would you just prefer the five bucks?

5) If you were a new sandwich at Mcdonalds, you’de be called McGorgeous.

6) I wish I were a tear so i could start in your eyes, live on your face, and die on your lips.

7) If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

8) Am I cute enough yet? Or do you need more to drink?

9) You must be the reason for global warming because you’re hot.

10) Can I read your T shirt in brail?

BONUS LINE: Hey baby. Roses are red, violets are blue.
I’m not a poet, but damn girl, you’re hot!

What u know about the 80’s?

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If you can recognize all the items above you are a true 80’s fan!

I must be honest and let it all out, I miss the 80’s! The 80’s was so cool, the movies, the music, and the clothes of course! I can’t pin-point exactly why the 80’s was so cool but I can remember it as if it was yesterday! I remember watching M.T.V with the astronaut holding the flag. I remember when all they would do is play video’s 24/7. I could go on but I need to stop and get back to workie work! So I will leave you with a few of my favorite movies and games, not in any particular order:

1) Goonies
2) Fast Times at Ridgemont High
3) E.T
4) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
5) Gremlins
6) Poltergeist
7) Breakfast Club
8) Weird Science
9) Karate Kid
10)Beat Street

Favorite games:

1) Galaga
2) Pac-Man
6) Dig-Dug
8)Space Invaders
9)Donkey Kong
10)Dragon’s Lair

and here’s a COOL video compilation from the 80’s, close your eyes and let it take you back to that special moment in time =)

and here is a really funny one! you MUST watch this one!!

If you are a 80’s fan also please share with me your favorite movies, music video or moment! 365ad

Pit-Bull vs Porcupine

This is what happens when you are one of the toughest dogs amongst all others. You get to big headed and think you are unbeatable. This poor Pit-bull had to learn the hard way…very hard way! This happened in May of 2005 to this female pit-bull named Inca. She decided that she wanted to duke it out with a Porcupine and she came up just short of winning the fight…yeah right! These are the pictures of her while she was at the vet. They had to remove thousands of quills that was all over her face and the poor pit bull could not even close her mouth because the quills were also all over her tongue. Just to let you know the owner said that Inca is doing fine now =) Now place your bets and tell me who you would pick if these two were to meet again for a second round!!

Don't #$@% with me!



Toilet Terror!

This Switzerland public toilet was created by 38 year old architect artist Monica Bonvicini in December 2003 as an exhibit. This creation is a toilet that has a reflective glass. When seen from the outside it’s just a mirror and noboby can see inside. But when you enter the toilet you can see everybody and it seems as if everyone can see you, but that’s not the case. Imagine using the toilet, how would you feel? The concept of this exhibit was to challenge us and to see how we felt and reacted to others being a few feet from us doing something we would normally do in private. I think I would actually find it very entertaining. I would probably test it out first and make sure nobody could really see inside. I would probably put my i-pod on and start dancing and acting a fool, after that I would make funny faces to those who passed by, then I would do my thing. Not sure if I could handle doing the number 2…I think you know what I’m talking about. I wonder if someone actually did the number 2? Just imagine if someone was curious and didn’t know that it was a toilet and put there face right up to the glass to see inside. How would that feel? How would you react? would you still feel uncomfortable even though they couldn’t possibly see inside. I guess you would actually have to try it to have a valid answer.  

I gotta POOP!