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Froot Loop on Steroids!

Picture 001

     This morning when I started to eat my bowl of cereal I noticed that something wasn’t right. One of the froot loops was taking up all the space in my bowl. Yeah true story! I only had 5 froot loops in my bowl, that’s how gigantic it was. I decided that I needed to take a picture to show some proof for the unbelievers! So here it is…the froot loop on steroids! what did I do with it after? yup, I did! I ate it, I poured me a glass of milk and decided to eat it just like how I’d eat my oreo cookies. I began to dunk my froot loop into my glass of milk, I got about five bites before I was done! (just to give u an idea of how big this froot loop was)

Hey, if you ever find a froot loop on steroids…enjoy, cause they are very rare to find! (lol)                                       K-DeN LaTaZ! (alright goodbye!)

4 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s a huge froot loop! to bad it wasn’t the green one, that’s my favorite!

  2. Next time you find a Fruit Loop on steroids, sell it on E-Bay! *just kidding* =)

  3. That’s da breakfast fo’ CHAMPS!!!……..LOL

  4. dang thats crazy!!!!!!! 🙂
    i would have saved it and showed it to all of my friends or put it on myspace

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