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Stop… You gotta try this!

I love you sexy mamma!

Things you will need for this experiment:

My mom said i'm Handsome=)
You r hot!

Make sure your remote alarm has the ability to work the power locks, if so than you can try this experiment=) Have someone stay in the house or away from the car. Let them hold onto the remote while you go by the car. Call them when you are near the car, and have them unlock your car using the remote. The person who has the remote should put it near the phone while they press the button. The molecular obstruction of the atmospheres sound waves will trigger through the cell phone and unlock the doors…lol, I don’t know what I just said but it sounded alright=) anyways try it and tell me what happens…good luck=)

2 Responses

  1. Ha…I heard about this a couple of months ago, tried it and it didn’t work, but it would have been cool as hell if it did.

  2. Hey, it worked for me, how crazy!! that is just 2 cool!

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