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Discrimination at the pedicure shop!

A lady is suing a pedicure shop for not allowing her to get a pedicure at their shop. She said that if anyone really needed a pedicure it was her. She is suing for an undisclosed amount. She stated that she was hurt by their refusal to give her a pedicure and was very embarrassed. Would you have turned her away if you owned a pedicure shop?


5 Responses

  1. I would send her to a podiatrist and then she can come back. The podiatrist could cut her nails and such…. I would have simple said that we don’t have the equipment to handle excessively long nails. LOL….

    This is sad that she is suing though. Crazy world…

  2. This is disgusting. What could she possibly gain out of suing? A free pedicure?

  3. I used to be a manicurist, and I would have turned her away too. I had a customer once, who was old, singe, and using a walker to get around, her skin on her feet looked like that.. It gets that way as when people get old, they can’t/don’t reach their toes, and dry them off. If you never rub off the old skin, it eventually builds up, and looks scaly like that. She definitely needs to see a podiatrist for the nail trimming – those are soooo thick any regular trimming utensils would probably just shatter them, and possibly break them off too short in to the nailbed. In my opinion, the salon did the right thing by sending her away. They could have gotten sued by injuring her if they worked on her!!! I hope the court throws out the case. What a waste of judicial time.

  4. Get a freain clue. This chick should have been turned away and beaten with a stick. She’s clearly lazy, it’s obvious why she wants to sue.

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