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10 Free Pick Up Lines

I know many of you have gone out and have used a pick up line before or if your a lady had a guy try one on you. Today I thought I would give you some free pick-up lines at no charge! Next time you go out to the clubs or to your local bar you will be fully prepared to bust a move on the ladies. CAUTION:  Don’t blame me if you try and use these PICK UP lines and you get rejected or if she just laughs at you and holds up a L sign on her forehead!! 

1) I may not be Fred Flintstone but I can sure make your bed rock!

2) Do you believe in love at first site, or should I walk past you again?

3) Excuse me, but I’m new in town, can I have directions to your place?

4) Can I buy you a drink – or would you just prefer the five bucks?

5) If you were a new sandwich at Mcdonalds, you’de be called McGorgeous.

6) I wish I were a tear so i could start in your eyes, live on your face, and die on your lips.

7) If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

8) Am I cute enough yet? Or do you need more to drink?

9) You must be the reason for global warming because you’re hot.

10) Can I read your T shirt in brail?

BONUS LINE: Hey baby. Roses are red, violets are blue.
I’m not a poet, but damn girl, you’re hot!