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New and Improved!

Hey everyone please check out my blog at www.laughingduckbutt.comI have transferred most of my content from here to Laughing Duckbutt! If you are a community member please don’t forget to join my new blog!! See ya there!


365 R.I.P!

So I found out from wordpress that I can no longer have my auction here. What a bummer! So now I have to change my blog around a bit. Don’t worry I will still post as usual and ain’t going anywhere. I hope you continue to visit my blog!!

Get a Free Drink or Make Some Money!

This is a cool proposition bet that you can do at a bar or a party! I have done it many times and saved lots of money on free drinks! I promise it fools everyone! Hope you enjoy it and get a lot of free drinks! =)

Me and my Magik!

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PLAYING WITH CARDS: Tom Akins, left, entertained Kawika Kanae and Libette Garcia with card tricks as they waited to see the first episode of “Play’d.” The party was a great event in all ways — except as a premiere of the new show. The partying continued non-stop during the screening and made it impossible to hear what was happening in the show. As for promises that “Play’d” is “pushing the limits, maybe over the edge,” there was nothing edgy at all in the first episode — just two attractive young couples playing G-rated party games on a beach. Maybe it’ll get edgy before it’s over. “Play’d” airs Mondays at 11 p.m. on KFVE/WB

 That’s me in the Hawaii Newspaper!! I never told any of you guys but I am also a magician. I have performed all over and also for many celebrities that include… NBA Stars, Rasheed Wallace, David Robinson and his family, Boxing Legend Mike Tyson, NFL players Hynes Ward, Marshall Faulk and friends. This is just to name a few. This is me performing some magic at a premiere party for a reality T.V show in Hawaii!